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Antiques and Accents

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Twisted Twig Marketplace
We will be adding this page for people to purchase some of our new things as well as a few selected pieces of art and antiques. We expect it to be up and running this winter!
Botanical Shea Butter Soap
In delicious scents!
Corrugated Tin Totes
Many different uses
Creations By Gus
Very intricate necklaces made out of wood!
Creations By Gus Exquisite Pens
Handcrafted out of the finest wood!
Cheese Forks by Twine
For a cheese tasting party label your cheeses with these cleaver forks
Bracelets by World Finds
These beautiful bracelets are made by women in India to pay for their children to go to school, they are Fair Trade products
Earrings by World Find
Just like the bracelets these earrings are Fair Trade and made by these special ladies from India.
Handmade blown glass North Carolina ornaments Real leaves electroplated in metal to preserve the beauty of the individual leaf Beautiful faux furs.