The Twisted Twig

Antiques and Accents
Eclectic Lamp Collection

Take a look at our spectacular lamps. We are always updating and creating new and different lamps. Please enjoy our eclectic collection. These are original one-of-a-kind pieces!
Old milk sieve hanging lamp with farm implement chain! Stand up bird cage lamp! camera lamp on book

Vintage Rayo, nickle plated converted oil lamp. Vintage crank telephone converted to a lamp with mid-century modern metal lampshade! Clarinet lamp
Unique, one of a kind guitar lamp with metal lampshade! Vintage mixer converted to lamp with Edison bulbs! Film reel lamp
Top hat lamp with brass base! Vintage green milk glass base with globe shade! Old Brass hanging lamp
Vintage torch lamp! Round Vintage birdcage lamp! Projector lamp
Vintage fire extinguisher with authentic fireman's helmet! A sweet vintage pair of pink glass ladies lamps with butterfly lampshade! Teapot lamp
One of a kind camera lamp! Industrial pendant light! Vintage woodworking plane wall light
Russian coffee urn light! Unique telephone lamp!
Lamp made out of a vintage thermos! Bowling pin lamp